Smallest 3G modem

The XMM™ 6255 modem provides a wireless solution for the billions of “smart” devices.

Connected smart lighting

Connected by TCP. Control from anywhere smart lighting system.

Baby monitor

The Sproutling baby monitor. A smarter baby monitor that senses, learns and predicts.

Little Printer

Smart Little Printer by BERG, UK. Little Printer is a web-connected printer that lives in your home.

Vuzix smart glasses

Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses serve up the digital world “hands free”.

3D soundbar

The only soundbar your 4K TV deserves powered by the Raspberry Pi. 

Sensoria sports bra

Sensoria fitness sports bra. Comfy and strap-free! With electrodes.


Nymi is wearable tech that confirms your identity with cardiac rhythm recognition.

Vivint Sky

Vivint Sky: The first smart home system that truly understands all of the things that make you…you.

Sierra Wireless Gateway

The Sierra Wireless LS300 3G M2M Gateway is the smallest 3G gateway from Sierra Wireless.

Intel Edison

Intel Edison development platform is low-cost, product-ready & for general purpose.


MyQ Garage. Feel secure knowing you can control your garage door from anywhere in the world.