AWS IoT button

The AWS IoT Button is a programmable button based on the Amazon Dash Button hardware.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Check blood pressure & heart rateĀ on your smartphone.


Awair is a smart device that helps you track & improve your air.

Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles makes fertility tracking easy & accurate.

PubNub Storage & Playback

Populate chat, collaboration & machine configuration on app load.

Roost smart battery

The Roost Smart Battery for smoke alarms. Use with Roost app.


Zubie connects your car to the Internet to deliver real time location, trip history, & many other things.


PLAT.ONE is the 1st, complete, end-to-end IoT & M2M, enterprise grade, application platform.


The stress free Pacifier. Monitor your baby’s temperature without disturbing them.


Belty is a high-end, lifestyle & wellness belt with artificial intelligence integration.


rejiva is the 1st wireless ECG based telemedicine & biofeedback patch to capture overall health, manages stress, appraises the aging process.

Doorbell cam

Get alerts every time the bell is rung & see & speak with visitors using your smartphone.