wink smart light switch

Quirky+GE Tapt light “smart” switch. More control over bulbs, etc.

Samsung Gear S smart watch

Buy Now ! Get yourself the exciting Samsung Gear S smart watch.

magicJack Plus

Buy Now ! Plug any regular phone or cordless phone into magicPlug & the other end into a router/modem. With a free phone no.

Bem band bluetooth speaker

Buy Now! The Bem HL2331B band bluetooth speaker (black). Connects to bluetooth devices.

Fusca SMD antenna

Designed for 2.4 GHz applications: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n), ZigBee, etc.

XBee ZigBee Cloud kit

Digi International’s XBee ZigBee Cloud Kit to build wireless prototype to quickly build wireless prototype to connect to the Web. 

Digital service Cloud

One platform to manage support and drive the adoption of IoT. 

Freescale tyre pressure monitor

Freescale’s Tire Pressure Monitor solution is real time monitoring and is for improved vehicle safety.

Thinking Things IoT platform

Telefonica’s Thinking Things offers all elements needed to create Internet of Things solutions.

Piper Home Security

Piper is a device that lets you manage and connect with your home in an entirely new way.

Dizmo: Interface of Things

Dizmo is a ground-breaking software platform designed to embrace the new digital world. 


Spotter – multipurpose sensor for smart homes. Be updated.