Athos shirt

The Athos Upper Body Package includes an Athos Shirt and Core.

Wireless Armour

Wireless Armour helps protect men exposing themselves to electromagnetic radiation. 

Smart propane tank guage

Quirky+GE smart propane tank guage will save you from guesswork.

Cinder cooker

The Cinder Sensing Cooker makes it virtually impossible to over or under cook food.


Sutro helps pool & spa owners with everything from testing to the administration of chemicals.

August smart lock

The August Smart Lock provides intelligent, secure access to your home.

Huawei TalkBand B2

TalkBand B2 is a next-generation wearable device that gives you everything you need for smart living.


The world’s smallest wearable motion-charger. A battery that recharges as you move.

pHin – pool care

pHin is for your swimming pool care & monitors your water quality 24/7.

Sensilk Take Flight Tech kit

Kit includes one Sensilk Flight Tech Bra & one Sensilk X1 transmitter. 

Kinoma Create

Kinoma Create is a JavaScript-based kit for prototyping consumer electronics & IoT devices. 


The NetComm Wireless NTC-20 n-Hub is a mHealth ecosystem aggregation device.