Roost smart battery

This battery isn’t your average 9V one. It has alarm notifications delivered to you, wherever you are.

Ninja Sphere

Give your home a brain & a voice with the Ninja Sphere Smart Home controller.

Martian G2G smart watch

The G2G is the perfect hands-free partner for your smartphone.

Panasonic home surveillance

Panasonic home monitoring system: DIY surveillance camera kit.

FiLIP: Phone locator for kids

Next Gen wearable phone & locator for kids. FiLIP 2 can make and receive calls.

SmartThings smart home kit

Buy Now !  The Smart Home Starter Kit for creating a safe home. 

Honeywell smart thermostat

Smart features, customizable touchscreen, and simple setup, plus Wi-Fi remote access.

wink smart light switch

Quirky+GE Tapt light “smart” switch. More control over bulbs, etc.

Samsung Gear S smart watch

Buy Now ! Get yourself the exciting Samsung Gear S smart watch.

magicJack Plus

Buy Now ! Plug any regular phone or cordless phone into magicPlug & the other end into a router/modem. With a free phone no.

Bem band bluetooth speaker

Buy Now! The Bem HL2331B band bluetooth speaker (black). Connects to bluetooth devices.

Fusca SMD antenna

Designed for 2.4 GHz applications: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n), ZigBee, etc.