The world’s smallest wearable motion-charger. A battery that recharges as you move. AMPY MOVE transforms your motion into power for your smartphone. Slip it in your pocket, pop it in your purse or bag, or wear it while you exercise. AMPY MOVE stores the energy from your motion for when you need it most. Recharge just as fast as the wall. AMPY MOVE’s 1600 mAh battery stores up to a full smartphone recharge. AMPY can charge anything that charges from USB 2.0 or USB 3.0. These include micro-USB, Apple Lightning, & other proprietary charging adapters. AMPY is about the size of a deck of cards & about the weight of a smartphone. Wear AMPY wherever you want. An up & down motion works best to maximize energy production. Use the accessories to strap AMPY below your knee for cycling, on your arm or leg while running, or clipped to waist when you walk.