Bluetooth low energy module

Silicon Labs’ Blue Gecko BGM113 is a fully integrated, certified Bluetooth low energy module. It’s ideally suited for low-power, short-range wireless applications. The BGM113 module combines a 2.4 GHz Blue Gecko wireless SoC, a high-efficiency chip antenna,& a Bluetooth 4.1-compliant software stack to minimize the time & effort typically required for complex RF designs.

Supported also by Silicon Labs’ best-in-class development tools like the Energy Profiler & Packet Trace, the BGM113 provides fast time-to-market choice for space- & energy-sensitive IoT applications. It’s also footprint-compatible with the popular BLE113 module, making it possible to migrate to an ARM Cortex-M4 Bluetooth platform with higher application processing power & lower power consumption while opening a path for Bluetooth 4.2 upgrades.