IoT Kit Archive

Intel Compute Card

Intel Compute Card is just like a computer on a card with an inbuilt RAM & processor.

Asavie accelerator kit

Start building complete Industrial IoT solutions with the Asavie Industrial IoT Accelerator Kit.

Bluetooth low energy module

Silicon Labs’ Blue Gecko BGM113 is a fully integrated, certified Bluetooth low energy module.

Thingsquare IoT kit

Thingsquare has launched an Internet of Things (IoT) kit, called the IoT Sensortag starter kit.

ThingPark IoT Enabler

Transform your device into a smart connected object. A fully integrated platform.

Kinoma Create

Kinoma Create is a JavaScript-based kit for prototyping consumer electronics & IoT devices. 

Pixie Points

Pixie Points are the smartest, friendliest, most useful tags in the world.

Roost smart battery

This battery isn’t your average 9V one. It has alarm notifications delivered to you, wherever you are.

SmartThings smart home kit

Buy Now !  The Smart Home Starter Kit for creating a safe home. 

XBee ZigBee Cloud kit

Digi International’s XBee ZigBee Cloud Kit to build wireless prototype to quickly build wireless prototype to connect to the Web. 

iOBridge Web gateways

The original ioBridge web gateway modules allow for plug and play.