Sports Archive


3D body scanning scale & fitness tracker that visualizes fat loss & muscle gains.


Osmo is an award-winning gaming system that interacts with the iPad. 

Health Edge

Take your fitness to the edge & beyond with this activity + sleep tracker.

Bluetooth activity tracker

Shenzhen Toleda step/sleep/heart rate/calorie tracker.


Shockbox by i1 Biometrics is a helmet sensor that lets a player know how hard he’s been hit.

Withings Body Cardio

Withings Body Cardio allows anyone can keep tabs on their cardiovascular health.

Polar A360 tracker

Polar A360 fitness tracker with wrist-based heart rate.

TomTom fitness watch

The TomTom Spark GPS Fitness Watch comes with integrated music player.

Sensilk Take Flight Tech kit

Kit includes one Sensilk Flight Tech Bra & one Sensilk X1 transmitter. 


An intelligent Yoga mat that helps you take your Yoga practice to the next level.

Flex wristband

The slim & stylist Flex Wireless activity & sleep wristband.

Sensoria sports bra

Sensoria fitness sports bra. Comfy and strap-free! With electrodes.