magicJack Plus

Buy Now ! Plug any regular phone or cordless phone into magicPlug & the other end into a router/modem. With a free phone no. magicJack Plus can be used with or without a computer – it’s the customer’s choice. Each magicJack Plus comes with an Ethernet (internet) cable & a Power Adapter. You can, of course, still directly plug the magicJackTM Plus into a computer’s USB port. A USB extension cord is included with each magicJack Plus. This option is especially useful or individuals who travel with their magicJack Plus.

In addition to offering free local & long distance phone service throughout the United States & Canada (including Puerto Rico & the U.S. Virgin Islands) that will stay on at all times, customer’s existing phone numbers can now be transferred or “ported” to their magicJack Plus.

Please note that there is a US $19.95 charge to transfer/port a phone number and it’s US $9.95 per year thereafter. Porting is only available in the U.S. only for now. Of course, each magicJack Plus includes a free new phone number so customers who do not wish to transfer or port their existing phone number may select a new one. magicJackPlus, like magicJack includes free: Voice Mail, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Directory Assistance & emergency 911service.

  • Plug the Ethernet Cord into magicJackTM Plus. Plug the other end of the Ethernet Cord into a modem or router
  • Connect the Power Adapter to the USB stick of the magicJack Plus & plug the Power Adapter into the wall
  • Plug any regular or cordless phone into the magicJack
  • MagicJackTM Plus will install in approximately 60 seconds & stay on at all times
  • This item includes power adopter & the USB extension cord


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magicJack Plus