Revolve Smart Device

One hub to unify all smart home and lifestyle devices.

With an increase of “smart” gadgets in your “smart” home, there suddenly is a need for that one piece of equipment that helps them all get connected. The Boulder, Colorado, USA-based Revolv is a one hub, one app solution that claims to unify your smart home on your smartphone or Tablet. The intuitive Cloud-based app connects with all of the smart devices being developed for the next generation home, such as lights, locks, sensors, thermostats, wireless speakers, giving users a “seamless” home automation experience with all such devices, without the worry of protocol, language or manufacturer. The Revolv Smart Home Solution can be set up in under 60 seconds using only your smartphone or Tablet. Revolv pulls your WiFi information from your phone and transfers it to the Hub in seconds; all that is needed is a password.

The Revolv set-up wizard finds and connects to all the wireless devices you have like lights, locks, thermostats, speakers, smart-plugs, shades, sensors, among others, and have them up and running.

Revolv gets connected over WiFi and does not require a cable or some such.

Currently, the Hub works with many of the off-the-shelf devices such as Sonos, Philip Hue, Belkin WeMo, Insteon products and others. The Revolv Smart Home Solution, which includes the Revolv Hub, Revolv App and the Lifetime Subscription, is availabe at US $299, and there are no monthly fees.