XBee ZigBee Cloud kit

Digi International’s XBee ZigBee Cloud Kit to build wireless prototype to quickly build wireless prototype to connect to the Web. 

Global Machine-to-Machine (M2M) service provider Digi International’s XBee ZigBee Cloud Kit, an all-in-one kit that allows anyone with an interest in M2M and the Internet of Things to quickly build a wireless hardware prototype, connect it to the Internet, and control it from the Cloud. The IEEE 802.15 standard-based ZigBee is used to create personal area networks built from small, low-power digital radios from 10–100 meters.

The XBee ZigBee Cloud Kit is simple enough to help non-engineers to get their creations connected to the Cloud in 30 minutes and flexible enough for professionals to build rapid prototypes with advanced programming and cloud-based data sets.  Priced at US $199, the kit which is built around Digi’s XBee ZigBee Gateway, includes code examples and tools to easily create Cloud-connected projects. It provides access to the Internet which enables remote control of the device and data through a customisable application.